Latest Projects


This is where I get to brag about some of the stuff I am working on.  My hope is that something is here that you may want or need, and you will have confidence knowing that I have done it before.  For my industry, most of it is not so glamorous but some of it is.

  • A Contract from Pacific-Tek to deliver Panasonic Toughbooks to be installed in utility trucks sold to city municipalities.  It runs GPS software and allows the Valve Operator find and operate valves that are on and under city streets. - Here is an example - SNAP 
  • Found and Replaced Cracked LCD on 14" Notebook for Fotis & Son Imports.  Better than having to buy a whole new notebook..... Have a Look - OUCH!
  • Order for Microsoft Terminal Server for the Law Offices of Owens O' Miller - Allows attorneys with notebooks (we sold them), who do not have desktops in the office,  remote access to the Windows 2003 Small Business Server (also sold them) a while back.